Frequently Asked Questions for the “How Do You Live a Truly Fulfilling Life?” Summit

Need more information? We (think) we have you covered!


What is the online Revolutionary Lives Summit?

The ‘How do you live a truly fulfilling life?’ Summit is a compilation of inspiring interviews and workshops with thought leaders, authors and revolutionaries to lift the level of conversation about living meaningful lives in Australia. Our aim is to encourage everyday Australians to live more meaningfully by giving back, enjoying simplicity, practicing mindfulness and aligning their values and ethics with their daily actions.


Who can participate?

Anyone with access to the internet. The Summit is offered at no cost to listen live when listeners subscribe for an online ticket. Each pre-recorded interview is posted online to subscribers for 24 hours and subscribers are encouraged to share their thoughts through social media channels during the Summit.  The hashtag is #fulfillinglives and #revolutionary


I would like to purchase the conference package, what is the presale price and when does that end?

The presale price of $49.50 ends at midnight, 5 May 2014. If you’d like to purchase the conference package, you can do so here. The full price of the package is $99.


I purchased the SUMMIT package. When do I get my recordings?

We’re still collecting all of the awesome interviews. After the Summit, we’ll let you know when all the individual videos and MP3s are available for you!


Will the Summit work on my iPad or iPhone?

Absolutely. Just click the link to the summit page and click play to watch any of the videos.


What time is the Summit and where do I go to listen?

Go to LINK to listen to all the calls during the Summit!

If you’re in the Australia, each day of the Summit starts at 4 p.m. WST/6 p.m. EST.

If you’re outside of the Australia, check out this tool to convert to your local time zone!


I am listening live but the next guest hasn’t started!

For some browsers, you may need to hit ‘refresh’ on the page to move onto the next guest!


My live-stream has been buffering for 20 minutes, what do I do?

Refresh the page and hit Play again. If you start streaming before the hour, you may get stuck in that buffering mode. If you hit Play after the top of the hour, everything will work OK! :)


Will there be recordings?

During the LIVE event, the calls will be streamed for free on this page. After the Summit is complete, we’ll make all of the videos, MP3 recordings available with our Summit package.


Will there be a free replay if I can’t listen in live?

Unfortunately there will be no replays of the calls.  Our apologies to the international audience and people working the night shift!


How will the Summit be delivered? Via Internet, TV, phone, video?

The Summit will broadcast live via video on the internet. You must use a computer to access the sessions.


What’s the difference between live Summit and the Summit package?

We’re proud to be able to present the live event for FREE to listeners around the world during the scheduled time. If you’d like to own a copy of the Summit, we offer a purchase option for $99. With the Summit package you get permanent access to all of the interviews + notes after the Summit is complete!


Who can I contact if I need help?

If we can help in any way, please send us an email at and we’ll get back to you asap!


Head back to the Summit page to register for your free ticket!