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Join Alicia Curtis as we dive deeply into the topic of living fulfilling lives. The online Summit features CEOs, authors and scientists to share what really contributes to living a fulfilling life and how you can start today.

Our experts share what they know about positive psychology, philanthropy, relationships, meditation, sustainability and more. The online Summit will also feature panel discussions, practical workshops, a live Q/A session and a Friday Night Live session with meditation, music and poetry!

The Summit Speakers

Hugh Mackay is a psychologist, sociologist, social researcher, former teacher, and author of 14 books including The Good Life: What Makes a Life Worth Living?

Marc yonker is a personal injury attorney who serves tampa residents

David Penglase is an Australian professional speakers Hall of Fame recipient and author of the personal prosperity book Intentionomics.

Dr Catriona Wallace is Author, CEO, Speaker, leading business blogger and founder of three not-for-profit businesses.

Dr Robert Constanza is a researcher, founder, author focusing on sustainability. His is author or co-author of over 500 articles and 26 books.

Lauren Anderson is a Collaborative Consumption Expert who has played a key role in the building of the global CC movement.

Ian Berry is a business mentor, author of Changing What's Normal, and creator of the Enhancing Their Gifts system.

Dr Mike Salvaris is Adjunct Professor, Applied Human Rights and Community Wellbeing Research at RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia.

Costa Georgiadis is the vivacious landscape architect, permaculturist, food lover and host of Gardening Australia.

Dr Russ Harris is a qualified Doctor, Trainer of Acceptance & Commitment Therapy and author of best selling book The Happiness Trap amongst others titles.

Helen Macdonald is Australia’s Corporate Optimist. She maximises opportunities in individuals & teams.

Karen Mahlab is a leader and innovator in connection between communities, not-for-profit organisations, volunteers, philanthropy and business.

Dr Sue Roffey is an educational psychologist, academic and author focused on the social and emotional wellbeing and education of children.

3 Group Chats with 8 Different Panelists

Leading Legacies Hear from three panelists who are forging their own legacies which create fulfilment and make a positive difference in the world. panel1

Opportunities to Give Back – A Pathway to a Meaningful Life Hear from two panelists who have made their opportunities to give back a way of life.  Find out how they found their calling to give back and how it shapes their every day world. panel-2a

The Power of Mindfulness Hear from three panelists who have seen the power of mindfulness play a huge role in creating meaningful and fulfilling lives.


What happy viewers are saying!


“A brilliant initiative by Alicia to bring people together to discuss a theme that has great potential to alter and enrich lives. It catered for the lives of busy people in its format and it was a great networking with interviews. Thank you”
Jasmine Malki


“Inspiration and great conversations, which help to spur change and cement habits I’m trying to build. I liked the diversity of guests and their backgrounds and areas of specialty”
Gregory Berg, Radio Enso


“It was so easily accessible, and it was something that could be applied to in daily life. They were thought inspiring, and conversation starters”
Fay Ann D’Souza, Ten Thousand Days


“The summit provided the space for a rich discussion on the things that are most important in our lives. It was deep! Whilst many programs focus on how we can improve our own personal happiness, the summit went beyond that and looked at how we can create a more caring planet that works for everyone. Very rarely do we have these sorts of discussions. It was totally thought provoking and I recommend it to anyone who is up to big things in life!”
Jane Genovese, Learning Fundamentals


“Absolutely loved the first day. Well done to you on a damn fine creation. Thanks again for having the foresight, courage and creativity to make it happen.”
Malcolm Dix, Ninja Dad

About Your Host

Alicia Curtis is one of Western Australia’s most inspiring young social entrepreneurs as an award-winning speaker and leadership facilitator.

Alicia is a leader that walks the talk having co-founded the youth environment organisation, Millennium Kids at 12 years old, established a collaborative online community for emerging leaders, Emergen and recently establishing the 100 Women giving circle. She holds a Masters in Business Leadership and was recently awarded the International Prize for Excellent Professional Performance by an international business women’s association.

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